It's not a photo-bomb if everyone does it

If you were born in 80s and your parents weren’t exceptionally elitist, you probably grew up watching enough Disney movies to permanently loosen your grasp on reality. Only us kids had the time and mental strength to traipse through every Disney movie that was around, often more than once, and so it’s fair to say that we knew them all. This is a list of the top five Disney movies that you probably watched, but they didn’t go on to make it into the vault with Walt.

5. The Fox and the Hound

This is it, the reason why all over the world families have woken up to find Fido chowing down on Felix, “But they were supposed to get along!”, and the heart of the fox hunting ban in England. The Fox and the Hound, the classic Bromance between two adorable animals. Who can forget the bathing scene?

4. The Brave Little Toaster

Overlooked and forgotten, much like the cute, talking kitchen appliance at the start of this film. ‘The Brave Little Toaster’ follows the little muffin-maker on a journey around the city looking for his master which finishes in a junkyard. It’s like Toy Story 3 but with more mundane characters and less crying. Still a classic in my book though.

3. Robin Hood

This is a Disney movie that begs the question, why are animals playing the parts of humans? Still, Fox-Robin plays a more convincing British guy than Kevin Costner and Fox-Marion is way sexier. By the far the best character, however, is the Tiger-Prince-John who’s crown is too big for him, loves his money and he regularly makes it rain.

2. The Emperor’s New Groove

More recent than the rest, if you haven’t seen it because you think you’ve grown out of Disney movies, think again, this film is amazing – if only for Kronk, a funnier and douchebaggier version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. John Goodman does the voice of the peasant and the story is about an Emperor getting turned into a Llama. Come on.

1. The Rescuers Down Under

All the other Disney films are great, but The Rescuers Down Under surely wins. The sequel to the classic Disney film, about posh mice who help kids, throws said mice and a nervous albatross voiced by John Candy (RIP) into Australia – the land of barbecues and crude women. Fortunately, they avoid these attractions and instead help out a young boy trying to stop an overly narcissistic poacher and his pet lizard from killing a golden eagle. Outrageous Fun.